Health & Safety is a legal requirement for all businesses and it is also vital to ensure the well being of workforce and customers. Building a positive Health & Safety Culture is vital to ensuring that we meet all our goals. Health & Safety is also about reducing the risk not just to the workforce and customers but to the company as a whole. We offer our services for both start-up and existing companies wishing to ensure compliance.

Delta can offer support and training to ensure compliance with current legislation. To achieve this we offer the following services to our clients:   

* Development of Policies 

* Health & Safety Audits

* Development of Risk Assessments

* Development of COSHH Assessments

* Fire Risk Assessment

* Development of H&S Action Plans

* CDM Documentation

* Training

An important factor is that of training, this may be new staff that require initial training or existing staff updating their training to ensure that they are still competent to undertake their duties. Please see the list of course we offer.


If you have a specific need for training that is not listed please contact us to discuss your needs.